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The Need for Disposing Waste the Right Way


According to Sustainability Victoria, “the construction and demolition industries generate over one third of all waste going to landfill”, most of which are bricks, concrete, and timber. Can you imagine what will happen if such building materials were left lying around at public areas and industrial sites? This is why proper waste disposal must be implemented for the following reasons:

  • To ensure good environmental conditions. Did you know that toxic chemicals coming from hazardous components could seep through the soil and water sources? If they are not regulated, the Earth will no longer be liveable. What is more, burning of rubbish will contribute to greenhouse gas, which is a known cause of extreme climate changes.

  • To promote public health. When pollution is low, there are also fewer risks of respiratory illness. A clean supply of water also means that there are no contaminants or dangerous chemicals present. In other words, proper waste management will lead to healthy living.

  • To produce sustainable materials. Part of responsible disposal is reusing building components to create other structures. Timbre, for example, can be recycled and then turned useful furniture pieces so that waste going to landfills will be minimised.

You see, removing waste correctly and regularly is beneficial for everyone. So, for your construction projects make sure that you work with a firm that gives emphasis on proper rubbish removal.

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